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The services provided for are for both the public and private sector. These include, but not limited to:

Pre-Occupational Cleaning

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Cleaning and Sealing of Floors and Bricks

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Cleaning of Windows and Carpets

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Working in both the public and private sector, Lemon Tree Cleaning Services provides reliable cleaning services in Pretoria and cleaning services in Johannesburg with a main focus on industrial cleaning. Cleaning is scheduled in a way that suits you, on a daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis. Lemon Tree Cleaning Services leads the way as one of the most trusted cleaning companies in Gauteng providing effective, affordable and flexible cleaning solutions to many happy clients. Want to learn more about us , or get a better insight into our services ? You can also contact us .

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Carpet Cleaners Pretoria

The services provided are for both the public and private sector.

These include, but are not limited to:

• Pre-occupational cleaning

• Industrial cleaning

• Cleaning and sealing of floors and bricks

• Cleaning of windows and carpets

Cleaning services in Pretoria and Johannesburg

It can be difficult to find a cleaning service that you can depend on, the type of company that understands your needs and is always happy to accommodate your unique requirements no matter how unusual they might be. The best cleaning services in Pretoria and cleaning services in Johannesburg consist of those companies that put in the extra effort, and Lemon Tree Cleaning Services is the company that will guarantee you a professional service that leaves your area, building or factory sparkling. With our professional services you need never worry about your office space or industry space looking dirty or untidy ever again. We make sure that every space is cleaned and that no area is left untouched.



 Pre-Occupational Cleaning in Pretoria and Johannesburg

Experienced Pre-Occupational cleaners in Pretoria and Johannesburg ensure that your carpets are cleaned in only the safest and most effective way possible. In an industrial setting or in a place where many feet are going to be walking, your carpets are not going to stay clean for very long. And having a dirty carpet where you will be meeting people for business purposes is going to look unprofessional, it might even have an undesirable impact on your business. Presentation and being presentable is very important in business. 

Carpet Cleaners in Pretoria

Our carpet cleaners in Pretoria and Johannesburg will give your carpets a specialised clean each time, ensuring that your carpets enjoy a long lifespan and are always clean. And what makes our carpet cleaning in Pretoria and carpet cleaning in Johannesburg even better is that you can schedule the cleaning for when it is appropriate. Our cleaners in Pretoria and Johannesburg will come to you when suitable, so your business is never interrupted.

Don’t settle for second best when it comes to your cleaning services in Pretoria or Johannesburg. Our cleaning services can be carried out on a contractual basis or you can arrange the cleaning services to be carried out when the need arises. Our flexible cleaning services will give you a wide choice. As one of the leading cleaning companies in Gauteng we take cleaning seriously so you don’t have to.

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