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Industrial Cleaning PretoriaThese days it is difficult to avoid the hype and importance surrounding going green and protecting the environment in everything that we do.

It permeates every part of our lives, from the methods of transport that we use to get to our destinations to the energy resources that we depend upon.

The majority of cleaning companies in Gauteng, including cleaning companies in Johannesburg, are as serious about cleaning as they are about making sure that the products and methods that they use during their cleaning are safe for the environment. Lemon Tree Cleaning is one of them.

And there is no reason why you shouldn’t be going green in your home and transforming the way in which your home is cleaned.

Going green and becoming more environmentally friendly will have a wonderful impact on the surfaces that you clean as well as on the health of your family. The best thing about going green in your home or business is that the items that you will use when cleaning are commonly found at a cheap price in the shop instead of being expensive cleaning products.

Here is some inside information from cleaning companies in Gauteng and cleaning companies in Johannesburg about what you can use in your home to change the way you clean.

Cleaning companies in GautengThe ingredients you need:

• White vinegar (you will find this in most homemade cleaning products)

• Baking soda (this will not only gently scrub the area clean but it also great for eliminating odours)

• Lemon juice (another popular cleaning ingredient, lemon juice can act as a tough stain remover and a non-toxic bleach)

• Borax (this works amazingly well at getting rid of odours, getting rid of dirt and it is a disinfectant) • Hydrogen peroxide (does a similar job as the lemon juice)

• Olive oil (acts as a furniture polish)

• Essential oils (gives anything a lovely scent and many have antibacterial properties) Now that you have your essential green cleaning shopping list, here are a few easy to use cleaning recipes to get you cleaning.

Some of these mixtures are even used by cleaning companies in Gauteng and cleaning services in Johannesburg because they are so effective.

Professional Cleaners

A general cleaner

Every home and business needs a general all-purpose cleaner to use on all surfaces. To create your very own environmentally friendly cleaner you should give this recipe a try. It can be used on hard surfaces as well as on floors, and it gives windows and mirrors the shine that makes them look brand new.

 2 cups of white vinegar

 2 cups of water

 A few drops of essential oil

Cleaning companies in Gauteng like Lemon Tree Cleaning often make use of vinegar in their cleaning regime because it is such a versatile, effective cleaning product.

cleaning services in GautengA gentle scrub

Many scrubs that you find in the shops do more harm than good when used. Often a scrub will leave a surface looking scratched and damaged.

This green clean gentle scrub will get the surface shining while not causing unsightly scratches. Cleaning companies in Gauteng know how to get your surfaces sparkling with their cleaning techniques, but when getting a surface clean on your own, give this mixture a try.

 2 cups of baking soda

 Half a cup of liquid castile soap (a soap that is plant based)

 4 teaspoons of vegetable glycerine

 Antibacterial essential oils

This combination is exceptionally eco-friendly and it has a shelf life of up to two years (longer than the average cleaning product). You can safely use this scrub on all types of kitchen counters as well as on stove tops, baths and sinks.

Cleaning companies GautengDIY furniture polish

 ¼ cup of olive oil

 ¼ cup white vinegar

 20 drops of lemon essential oil

Rub the wood in the direction of grain using a clean dry cloth. Your wood will be nourished which will help it to regain its natural colour. Cleaning services in Gauteng, including cleaning services in Johannesburg, will use only the best cleaning products that are not harmful to the environment.

When considering cleaning companies in Gauteng and cleaning services in Johannesburg you should look into whether or not they are using only the safest cleaning products and methods.

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